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An inspiring and healing space
for students experiencing grief.

We’re led by students and grads who have been through loss

We aim to improve experiences of grief in universities by raising awareness and creating a range of avenues for support – from online resources and staff training to creative projects and events.

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Grief and Loss During Ramadan

We spoke to Shuma from Spoken Grief about her experiences of grief and loss during the month of Ramadan – from the difficulties of fasting when going in and out of hospital, to feeling like she can’t enjoy the month in the same way and missing her mum’s cooking.

9th May, 2022 · 1 minute read

Life After: A Podcast

Life After, a podcast by Theo Silberston, is a platform where young people can share and discuss their experiences with grief. Theo kicks off the second series by asking our founder, Anna, about the loss of her brother and father, and how it is to run The Student Grief Network.

17th March, 2022 · 1 minute read

Working through grief at medical school

Andrew’s dad died in 2012. Here he reflects on how his grief has impacted him over the years, from the initial aftermath, feeling like the elephant in the room and focusing all his energy on his A Levels, to getting into medical school and having to support dying patients and their families.

10th February, 2022 · 27 minutes read

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