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Services for universities

As well as working directly with students, we want to bring about longer-term change in universities. Through our staff training programme and resource bundles, we build compassionate understandings of grief and help universities move towards a more grief positive culture for students and staff.

This Awareness Training is an invaluable tool for universities. It enables staff to begin to know what is useful in coming alongside students in grief and to feel supported through a very tricky topic.

– Jenni Thomas OBE, founder of Child Bereavement UK

Staff Awareness Training

For staff hoping to gain a better understanding of grief, the specific challenges that students may face and how to offer support. We combine an educational and compassionate approach, giving space for participants to learn but also to reflect and to share if they would like to. Please email us at for more details if you are interested in organising a session for a group of staff at your university.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the training. I know the word enjoyed may sound inappropriate but it was very informative and thought-provoking and very well delivered.

– Previous attendee

Resource Bundles

We have resource bundles for universities to order to give to staff and students, or distribute on campus. This includes two sets of leaflets for “Supporting yourself after loss” and “Supporting someone through grief” and our mini SGN awareness cards. These help build understandings of grief and give tangible tips for moving through challenges. Please email for details or to place an order.